Cannabis Wellness for Women

managing menstruation, perimenopause & menopause

your hand-to-hand guide to  healing, wellness and being  your best you.

Cannabis Wellness Nurse Consulting

You can’t avoid your period or menopause – BUT cannabis makes it better.

Your body is going through dramatic changes. Physically and emotionally, you’re going through a shift, and it’s nerve-shattering. Crippling cramps, mood swings, brain fog, excruciating back pain, and hot flashes have taken over.

It’s unbearable.

Sleep can’t seem to find you, these days, and all of these changes have you emotionally all over the place:


You’re missing days from work.


You’re overwhelmed with countless visits to doctors


You feel anxious or depressed


You’re frustrated with prescription and over-the-counter medications


You’re tired of waiting rooms


You’ve wasted valuable time and money on products that don’t work. 

Luckily, you don’t have to go through this fight alone. Cannabis is extremely helpful in managing symptoms. And I’m here to give you a customized treatment plan to improve your overall health and wellness — without the worry of getting “high.”

It’s time to break the shackles of pain and emotional instability.

Pain from your period, perimenopause, or menopause can be debilitating. It robs you of your lust for life, alienates you from family and friends, and controls every aspect of the day. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t affect you physically — it weighs heavily on your emotions.

Anxiety. Depression. Irritability. Anger. Moodiness. Stress. It holds you back from doing what you love, and you’d give anything to feel like yourself again. You spend your days wishing there was something that helps without the crippling side effects of medication.


If you’re ready for clarity and your tailored plan-of-attack, a medical cannabis consultant can guide you!


How much money and time could you save if you found the right solution?


How incredible would it feel to spend your days with your family (without stressing about pain)?


What would it look like to be free from the hold of anxiety and depression?


Would you feel in control knowing your days aren’t filled with long waits at doctor appointments?


How would you spend your days knowing you’re free from the nasty side effects of medication?

You CAN reclaim your life: without sacrificing time or clarity.

With a medical cannabis consultant, you gain your very own dedicated wellness guide.

● You’ll receive an individualized, holistic health plan from an experienced registered nurse

● Your plan considers your medical history and emotional needs, so you’ll never worry about being held to a stigma.

● We’ll discuss how cannabis affects your body, so you avoid feeling high or losing control of your body and mind.

● You’ll go from scattered to sharp and learn how to do it safely without the side effects of medications.

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Your GUIDE through your cannabis journey

Registered Nurse and Medical Cannabis Nurse Consultant

I’m Michele Weidner. I’m a registered nurse and medical cannabis nurse consultant who helps women — just like you — improve their overall health and wellness by getting rid of the debilitating pain and mental or emotional fog caused by periods or menopause.

I want to support you to improve your overall health & wellness. Let’s work together and create a safe pathway to incorporating cannabis to get back to living your best life!

Learn more about how I empower you on your path to wholeness.